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Altrincham Pest Control is your neighbourhood Pest Control Contractor offering you pest control across the whole series of pests in business and domestic property in the Altrincham area, so if you have a wasps’ nest, bed bugs, rats or mice, fleas, ants in the property or any kind of pest, then you have found the number one pest control contractor to tackle your pest problem, promptly, discreetly and at a realistic charge.

Throughout the Altrincham area we have a set fee of just £35 to deal with a wasps’ nest, and we are available at weekends as well at no extra charge.

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Altrincham Wasps' Nest

Wasps Nest

Altrincham Pest Control do business seven days per week, including bank holidays.

In our region we now have got a fresh and fairly belligerent bumble bee, the Tree Bumblebee (Bombus hypnorum). Despite the fact that we seek not to harm bees, this variety is dangerous when nesting low down in your garden or on the structure of your building. We do not normally really like to remove bees but this bee is risky when nesting in the area of persons, in particular little children and pets. It is an simple bee to identify with its orange thorax and white posterior and if you believe that you might have got a nest of these bees we recommend contacting us as soon as possible. In the interim keep well away as this bee can and will sting. If you are uncertain about identification then please go to our wasps and bees site.

We do all we can to help bees whenever possible and we ourselves now keep a hive of honeybees and hope to be able to supply honey for sale in the the autumn months Please visit our Harrier Honey page for entire details.

For broad particulars of any selected pest please choose from the list in the header or the right sidebar or give us a ring on the telephone numbers on the right, we answer our telephones 9.00am – 8.00pm 7 days per week April – November.

You would be astounded how many times people get the identity of a pest entirely incorrect, bees being taken wrongly for wasps is a very widespread problem. If you are not certain what an insect if please take a decent quality digital photo and email it to us. We will identify it for you at zero cost. Please be sure to put your telephone number in the email so we can call you immediately to examine your solutions.

The menus of the countless unwanted pests will all display pictures but please feel free to phone us if you are unsure, we never charge for telephone information.

Please save yourself the cost of a phone call and confirm that we cover your area before ringing us. You can do this by using the postcode checker at the top right hand corner of this webpage. For wasps’ nests Altrincham Pest Control have got a fixed rate of £35.00, for any other infestations please call for a estimate.

Altrincham Bed Bug Bites

Bed Bug Bites

Altrincham Pest Control apply only pesticides permitted under existing regulations and will always employ the most dependable products available, applicable to the task.

We will at all times advise on how to keep young children, house animals and staff safe. All works will be executed in compliance with the Health & Safety Act 1974, the COSHH Regulations 1988, the Food & Environmental Act 1985 and Control of Pesticides 1986.

Our founder is the local pest control specialist for Radio Lancashire, hear him chatting about bed bugs and other infestations on a previous transmission by clicking on the link in the right sidebar.

Most common pests

Altrincham Wasps Nest

We don’t usually need ladders


Our rate for the treatment of wasps’ nests is fixed at £35 and we will definitely not ask you for more unless access apparatus such as scaffolding or a cherry-picker is necessary to reach the nest. Please note that operating at height legislation is very rigorous these days so please tell us if the nest is any taller than the guttering of a normal household property.

However, once we get much past mid-September we are destroying what we call a late season wasps’ nest, and this may require extra work to make things good for you. Please click the link for full details.

We try and destroy wasps’ nests from the out side of the property whenever practical and we have a preference for to use very long lances in the place of ladders, it’s safer for everyone concerned.

Our contractor will arrive by scheduled appointment, inject a small amount of powdered wasp killer into the entrance to the wasps’ nest and the returning wasps will bring it into the heart of the nest and inside of an hour all of the wasps will be dead.

Destroying A Altrincham Wasps Nest

Destroying A Wasps Nest

As Long As we can access the wasps’ nest from the exterior of the building you do not even have to wait in. Our specialist wasp control website has a prepayment facility for you to pay by paypal or credit card, sorry we can take credit cards on the internet or on-site but not on the telephone. You need to call us to tell us you’ve prepaid and to advise us where exactly the nest is. Also remember to don’t forget to unlock any gates etc that we may have to pass through and move any bins etc which might be obstructing our path.

If there are any factors which may be related such as the existence of bats etc then please don’t wait until we arrive at your property to inform us about them, we won’t carry out a treatment if it’s dangerous but we will charge you a call-out fee.

Bed bugs

Bed Bugs are prevalent in the Altrincham Pest Control area of operations and many authorities feel that the Olympic Games will trigger an increase in these disgusting unwanted pests during the next couple of years.

Countless people mix up bed bugs with dust mites. Every bed has tiny, invisible to the naked eye dust mites, bed bugs are entirely a different thing.

Bed bugs in Altrincham

Bed bugs

Bed bugs are very easily noticed and resemble an apple pip, particularly when completely developed and newly fed. They are not indicators of bad sanitation, all they require is a blood feed every week or so – your blood!

You can carry bed bugs to your home merely by staying in an infested hotel or even by sitting next to the wrong person on the bus.

Once established in your house they will swiftly spread to any connected properties and in a extreme infestation it is feasible to sustain upwards of five-hundred bites every night.

Bed bugs are not a pest which can be dealt with by an inexperienced, you will need to have professional support or you will likely make things worse. If you even think that you might possibly have got bed bugs then talk to Altrincham Pest Control.

Many people immediately go out and get fresh beds or mattresses, this is a total waste of time and money as the new bed will be swiftly infested by bugs from everywhere else in the room.

Ant Infestations in Altrincham

Ant Infestations


People who have got an ant issue on the inside of their properties will know just how dreadful it can be, particularly when the flying ants emerge.

 Pest control know-how has developed in leaps and bounds over the last couple of years and Altrincham Pest Control now have the methods to overcome ant infestations inside your home, and in almost all situations give a 3 year guarantee on the work.

 The process is very simple, leaves no mess and is safe for everybody concerned.

 Why waste money and fight for years with dusts and potions which fail to work when we can cure the infestation and give you a warranty, renewable in 3 year periods.

Fleas In Altrincham



Fleas infestations are on the increase again, even with people who regularly treat their pets.

This may be that populations of cat fleas and dog fleas are getting to be impervious to the active ingredients in the flea treatments on sale to the public.

 We are discovering that dog fleas and cat fleas are extremely bothersome in places with town foxes.

It is vital to deal with a flea infestation promptly, especially in the presence of small children as fleas are intermediate hosts of tapeworm.



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