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Only people who have suffered the trauma of a summer flying ant infestation inside their homes know the true horror of an ant infestation.

Since this page was written new products have made ant control very much easier and a lot cheaper. We are now able to eradicate ant infestations inside homes and give you a guarantee. Please visit our specialist ant treatment guarantee page for details of the new treatment.

Black Ant Lasius niger

Black Ant Lasius niger

Black or garden ants are commonly found throughout the UK, and although they nest outdoors, they are often found inside houses, and when they emerge in their mating phase as winged or ‘flying’ ants the effect can be truly terrible, worthy of any horror film.

Although there are many species in the UK the one which mainly concerns us a pest is the common garden or black ant (Lasius niger).


Professional Ant Control

Getting rid of an ant infestation can be extremely difficult as it is necessary to destroy the queen inside the nest which otherwise can continue to lay eggs for many years, up to twenty in fact.

Treating an ant infestation with amateur use powders from the hardware store is doomed to failure. In particular, these gels and baits cannot possibly work on flying ants as they do not return to the nest.

In recent years the range of products and techniques available to pest controllers have become much more successful than the old fashioned sprays.

We have products which are incredibly successful in wiping out the nest and we can even protect your property against re-entry by drilling the cavity walls and pumping in a protective boundary of insecticidal powder which the ants cannot cross.

This forms an impenetrable barrier, and is 99.9% successful in preventing ant infestations. Although the treatment is more expensive, it lasts for several years depending on how dry the cavities are and has the benefit that once the holes are drilled it is a simple and relatively matter to re-inject the cavities with insecticidal dust every few years.

Harrier Pest Control guarantees this ant treatment for three years, extendable in further three year terms by low cost retreatment of the wall cavities.

Please call us for a chat and we can talk you through the range of options and prices available.


More about Ants

In addition to garden ants, there are other species which cause problems as pests but these are mainly tropical ants which rarely survive in private dwellings and are usually found in places where a high ambient temperature is found such as hospitals, bakeries, boiler-houses etc.

An example of such ants is the pharaoh ant (Monomorium pharaonis), so named out of a belief that it may have been one of the insect plagues of Ancient Egypt.

In addition we have Roger’s Ant, (Hypoponera punctatissima) and Argentine Ant (Linepithima humile) and several others, but the main pest species which normally causes problems in the area covered by Harrier Pest Control is the common or garden ant

In nature they are social creatures, and live in colonies containing workers (infertile females), males, queens and grubs (larvae). Ants mate on the wing so the ‘flying ants’ which are often mistaken for flies are either males or immature queens.

Unfortunately, when ants choose to nest under the floors of houses, they can become a major and distressing pest especially when in the mating phase when many thousands of flying ants can be discharged from the nest into your home.

Winged ants can emerge from the nest at any time of year but by far and away the most usual time is mid summer. Typically after two or three days of hot, dry weather all the nests in any area will synchronise their release in order that the queens may mate with males from other nests.

Pharaoh Ant Monomorium pharaonis

Pharaoh Ant Monomorium pharaonis


Workers 1.5–2mm long, yellow–brown with brown abdomen.

Males 3mm long, black and winged.

Queens 3.5–6mm long, dark red in colour with wings.

Black eyes. 2 small segments at the pedicel.



Argentine Ant Linepithima humile

Argentine Ant Linepithima humile


Workers about 2mm long.

Light to dark brown in colour.

Do not swarm.

Bite – do not sting.



Roger's Ant Hypoponera punctatissima

Roger’s Ant Hypoponera punctatissima


Reddish brown in colour.

Workers 2mm long.

1 large segment at the pedicel.

1st two segments of the abdomen are constricted.

Sting present.



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