Treatments from £95 with a one year guarantee or £145 with a three year guarantee.

Ants In The House Cured With a 3 Year Guarantee

Ants In The House Cured With a 3 Year Guarantee

The humble garden ant (Lasius niger) is probably not an insect which crosses many people’s minds on a regular basis unless you happen to be one of those poor unfortunates who suffer from their presence in their homes, in which case they can be the uninvited house-guests from Hades!

Many people in the LANCASHIRE, CHESHIRE, MANCHESTER AND MERSEYSIDE area have learned to dread the coming of summer because of ant infestation which elevates itself to crisis point when the ants enter their mating phase and produce the winged or ‘flying ants’. Those who have experienced this know that it can reduce a normally well-balanced individual to fits of screaming rage.

Although there are a number of ant species in Britain it is predominantly the common garden or black ant which enters our homes and causes problems in the LANCASHIRE, CHESHIRE, MANCHESTER AND MERSEYSIDE area.

The mild winter this year has seen reports of indoor ant infestations in the LANCASHIRE, CHESHIRE, MANCHESTER AND MERSEYSIDE area coming in as early as January, which does not bode well for the summer.

In building our houses we provide the ideal warm, dry environment for them and once a nest is established under the floor of a house it can survive for many, many years unless the queen can be killed and this is why they have traditionally been a very difficult pest to deal with.

In summer, usually after several hot dry days, the local nests in the LANCASHIRE, CHESHIRE, MANCHESTER AND MERSEYSIDE area synchronise to produce winged males and females. The males and queens mate on the wing and the new queens return to the ground to commence new nests.

When this process takes place inside properties it can truly be a nightmare.

In the past dealing with ant infestations inside properties has been fraught with difficulty, you will no doubt be very familiar with gardens which are passable nativity scenes as householders drench walls and paths with white powder, usually to no avail.

Even professionals have rarely had the answer as nests can be hidden deep underground and the only way to destroy the nest is to kill the queen.

In the past we have tried gels based on boric acid or pyrethrum but these have been unsuccessful as the active ingredients in them killed the worker ants before they could return to contaminate the rest of the colony.

Professional pest controllers have traditionally relied instead on drilling cavity walls to inject an insecticidal barrier, a process which does work but it is lengthy and expensive.

However we now have the tools to do the job with a level of confidence we have not experienced before.

A range of gels are now available to professional pest controllers only which work over a 10 – 14 day period to slowly destroy the entire colony.

These gels are placed where ants are seen to be running and usually will be consumed immediately. They have no effect at all for several days and so the ants have no way of realising that they are slowly distributing the seeds of their own doom throughout the colony.

The treatment can be carried out at any time of year when ants are active but is probably best carried out between February – July before the flying ants emerge.

The treatment usually needs only one application of gel which can be used indoors or outdoors by placing it in protective pots. If a second application is necessary there is no additional charge.

Our fees are based on an average semi-detached property with an indoor infestation and we give two options. A treatment with a one-year guarantee for £95 or a three-year guarantee for £145. For larger properties or outdoor problems please ring us to discuss on your local number found on the top right hand corner of this page.

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