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Sale Ant Control 0161 930 8814 take care of ant infestations in properties inside the Sale area. During the summer of 2014 we now have an exceptional offer of only £145 which has a 3 year guaranteeGive us a call for more information. Only people who have undergone the trauma of a summer flying ant infestation inside their residences understand the true horror of an ant infestation. Black or garden ants are normally found through the

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Black Ant

entire UK, even though they nest out of doors, they may be found inside properties, and once they present themselves in their mating cycle as winged or ‘flying’ ants the result is often truly terrible, deserving of any horror film. Although there a variety of species in the UK the one which predominantly concerns Sale Ant Control as a pest is the basic garden or black ant (Lasius niger).

Professional Ant Control in Sale

Removing an ant infestation can be quite problematic as it is necessary to destroy the queen within the nest which otherwise can continue to produce eggs for quite some time, up to something like 20 in truth. Treating an ant infestation with amateur use powders from the home improvement store is doomed to failure. In particular, these gels and lures simply cannot possibly work on flying ants as they don’t return to the nest. In recent years all the various products and techniques available to pest controllers tend to be a great deal more successful than the old fashioned sprays. Sale Ant Control now are inclined to use liquid gels which are highly successful in eliminating complete colonies of ants. These are not the same gels which are available to the public and need to be used by a trained specialist. Sale Ant Control are so confident of our capability to eliminate your ant problem that we’re willing to offer offer you a three year guarantee. Sale Ant Control have products which are incredibly effective in wiping out the nest and we can even protect your house against re-entry by drilling the cavity walls and pumping in a defensive boundary of insecticidal powder that the ants won’t be able to cross. This makes an impassable barrier, and is 99.9% effective in eliminating ant infestations. Although the treatment is more expensive, it may last for many years depending on how dry the cavities are and has the main benefit once the holes are drilled it is a basic and relatively easy matter to re-inject the cavities with insecticidal dust every three years. Sale Ant Control guarantees this ant cure for three years, extendable in further three year terms by low cost retreatment of the wall cavities. Please call Sale Ant Control for a chat and we can talk you through all the various options and costs available.

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