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Didsbury Pest Control are a regional Pest Control service provider extending their services throughout the Didsbury area. Whatever pest concerns you whether or not it be bed bugs, a wasps’ nest, rats or mice, pet cat got the fleas or any other type of pest we can cope with the infestation for you, swiftly, discreetly and at a cost which is unlikely to hurt your wallet.

We charge just £35.00 fixed fee to destroy wasps’ nests in the Didsbury area and whilst we work weekends and Bank Holidays we don’t charge any extra.

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Didsbury Wasps' Nest

Wasps Nest

Didsbury Pest Control operate seven days per week, along with bank holidays, and we answer our phones 9.00am to 8.00am from April – November.

In our region we now have got a fresh and rather aggressive bumble bee, the Tree Bumblebee (Bombus hypnorum). Even though we strive not to hurt bees, this species is dangerous when nesting low down in a garden or on the structure of your home. We do not generally really like to destroy bees however this bee is risky when nested in the area of persons, in particular young children and pets. It is an simple bee to recognise with its orange thorax and white posterior and if you suspect that you might have a nest of these bees we suggest ringing us straight away. Do not get too close! For aid with distinguishing this variety check out our wasps and bees site.

If you are calling regarding a wasps’ nest in spring between April – July please visit our Seasonal Chart Page to ensure that you actually do have a wasps’ nest, not harmless solitary bees. This may save you a callout charge.

We are devotees of bees and wildlife generally and in 2013 in order to try and help honeybees we started to be beekeepers ourselves and hope to be delivering honey to our customers later in summer months of 2014. Please visit our Harrier Honey dedicated web page for further information.

For whole specifics of any selected pest please choose from the list in the heading or the right sidebar or give us a ring on the numbers on the right, we answer our telephones 9.00am – 8.00pm 7 days per week.

Many pests are mis-identified by customers, if you have any doubt pertaining to the bug you are seeing, take a high quality digital picture of it and email it to us. We will tell you what it is and what steps need to be undertaken, if any. Please don’t forget to put your phone number in the email so we can contact you.

Please feel free to give us a ring at any time on the numbers on the right, we give absolutely free information or use the top and side bar choices to read about the various unwanted pests we cope with.

Please help save yourself the expense of a telephone call and check that we deal with your area before dialing us. You can do this simply by using the postcode checker at the top right hand corner of this website. For wasps’ nests Didsbury Pest Control have got a fixed fee of £35.00, for any other unwanted pests please telephone for a price.

Didsbury Bed Bug Bites

Bed Bug Bites

We at Didsbury Pest Control depend on the responsible use of pesticides and will only make use of them when really necessary, in particular outside of the house, and they will always be the most appropriate ones for the job.

We will always advise on how to keep small children, family pets and staff members safe. All works will be executed in accordance with the Health & Safety Act 1974, the COSHH Regulations 1988, the Food & Environmental Act 1985 and Control of Pesticides 1986.

Our principal is the local pest control specialist for Radio Lancashire, hear him chatting about bed bugs and other unwanted pests on a recent transmission by clicking the link in the right sidebar.

Most common infestations

Didsbury Wasps Nest

We don’t usually need ladders


Didsbury Pest Control eradicate wasps’ nests in the summertime for a fixed rate of just £35.00, we will never ask for more to get rid of a wasps’ nest unless specialised access equipment such as a cherry-picker or scaffolding is needed to get to the nest

The only exception is in the case of a late season wasps’ nest, where a supplementary treatment to your attic space may be necessary.

We try and handle wasps’ nests from the out side of the building if at all practicable and we like to use long lances rather than ladders, it’s safer for all concerned.

You will be offered the earliest practicable appointment, often same-day and our technician will eliminate the wasps’ nest by injecting a small measure of pesticide into the hole where the wasps are entering and leaving. The wasps will take this powder into the nest on their bodies and the whole colony will be spent inside of the hour.

Destroying A Didsbury Wasps Nest

Destroying A Wasps Nest

On condition that we can get to where the nest is without going through the building then you can prepay using the internet and we’ll take care of it whilst you are out. Our specialist wasp control website has a prepayment option for you to buy by visa or mastercard, sorry we can take credit cards via the internet or on location but not over the telephone. You need to phone us to inform us you’ve prepaid and to tell us where the nest is. Also remember to don’t forget to unlock any gates etc that we might need to pass through and relocate any dustbins etc which might be obstructing our path.

If you are aware of any problems which you are aware of which may have an affect on the process such as the presence of bats then please inform us of that over the telephone.

Bed bugs

The vogue pest of the moment is bed bugs, they are a world-wide epidemic and extremely easily transported to your home.

Countless people confuse bed bugs with dust mites. Every bed has tiny, invisible to the unaided eye dust mites, bed bugs are wholly a separate thing.

Bed bugs in Didsbury

Bed bugs

Bed bugs are easily spotted and look like an apple pip, especially when completely developed and recently fed. They are certainly not signs of poor sanitation, all they need is a blood feed every few days – your blood!

Getting bed bugs is quite easy, you don’t even need to stay in an infested hotel, you can catch them on trains and buses even.

Once well established in your property they will rapidly spread to any connected properties and in a very bad infestation it is possible to experience upwards of five hundred bites per night.

Whatever you do PLEASE never try and deal with the problem yourself, I guarantee that you will simply make matters so much worse. If you suspect that you may well have a bed bug problem then please contact us for information well before you do anything at all.

Many individuals immediately go out and buy fresh beds or mattresses, this really is a complete waste of time and cash as the new bed will be rapidly infested by bugs from everywhere else in the room.

Ant Infestations in Didsbury

Ant Infestations


Interior Ants are a leading pest of the spring and summer months. Countless people will recognize the terror of flying ants emerging into their households and hate the the summer season for this reason.

However, we are these days considerably better prepared to tackle ants than we were even a few of years ago. We can now with confidence offer a 3 year guarantee on ant work in the majority of cases.

The procedure is very straightforward, leaves no mess and is safe for everybody concerned.

Do not spend pounds on ant dusts and ant gels when we can cure your indoor ant infestation at a sensible price and offer you a renewable three year guarantee in the bargain.

Fleas In Didsbury



Cat Fleas and Dog Fleas are getting to be more troublesome in the Didsbury Pest Control region and we are getting an increasing number of calls from people who routinely treat their cats and dogs and nevertheless are still getting flea infestations in their homes.

This might be that populations of cat fleas and dog fleas are getting to be resistant to the active ingredients in the flea remedies sold to the public.

The growth of these fleas is also brought about by the increase in the presence of city foxes in many places.

It is important to take care of a cat flea or a dog flea infestation as they can lead to serious problems, especially for small children as they can carry and pass on tapeworms.



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