Gretchen Voyle: Nest on home was made by wasps, not by bees – Livingston Daily

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I have a bee’s nest on my house. It is hanging under the peak of the roof and is kind of teardrop-shaped. Will someone come to take this away? Since bees are so rare, will they pay me? I do not see any bees currently, but I know that they are there.

A: Sorry to bust your little money-making idea, but this is not going to happen as you had hoped.

There are not beekeepers or companies that would pay you to remove this. Your cha-ching becomes a clunk.

Then you have to take in consideration that these are not bees. That’s a double clunk.

This is a wasp nest. Honey bees do not build paper nests attached to houses. Bees build within an already existing structure like a hollow tree or a bee box. Sometimes, they build within a wall. All they need is a place to get in.

The papery, football structure that you are seeing under the eaves was built by wasps. Wasps do not make honey. These are probably baldfaced hornets. Or a more appropriate word might be “were.”

If you are not seeing any activity in warm sunny weather, this may be a nest from last year. Wasps do not take vacations and then come back. Other wasps will not move into an existing nest they did not build.

During the day, look for wasps flying in or out of the nest. This is going to make a difference how you get rid of it.

If there is no activity, this is last year’s building project. It can be removed with no wasp risk.

If there are wasps flying around and you want them gone, the nest must be sprayed at night. You will be using a wasp spray that shoots a distance, like 20 feet. Wasps and bees have no night vision, and you will be using this to your advantage.

In the evening when it is dark, you are going to become a ninja. Do not turn on any lights or make any noise. This is a stealth mission. Go to the location of the wasp nest with your chosen spray. Spray towards the bottom of the paper nest where the opening is located.

Spray as long as you can tolerate or until the can is empty and slip away into the night.

Gretchen Voyle: Nest on home was made by wasps, not by bees – Livingston Daily
wasps nest – Google News
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