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15:04 EST, 24 April 2014


15:38 EST, 24 April 2014

A hornets’ nest is usually a frightening sight, but one discovered in an abandoned shed recently is truly the stuff of nightmares.

The nest formed around a
wooden face with a spooky-looking face to become a terrifying
combination of the two – a hornets’ nest with a human face.

Construction of a hornets’ nest usually begins with a suitable support, such as a window shutter, tree branch, or in this case, a wooden head.

Face value: It's unclear whether the nest is full of hibernating wasps or if it's been abandoned

Face value: It’s unclear whether the nest is full of hibernating wasps or if it’s been abandoned

The face, complete with eye holes and gaping maw, was part of a wooden sculpture that had been left to rot in the shed.

A Reddit-user posted the picture with the caption, ‘An abandoned hornet’s nest my dad found in his shed that he hadn’t been in for a couple years. The head is apart of a wooden statue it fused with.’

The Redditor, going by the handle CountBubs, said the hornets nest now seems to be abandoned.

‘There’s dead hornets all around it we tried hitting the lower part underneath the support (you can see it in the lower left half of the picture) and there was no disturbance (sic),’ wrote CountBubs.

Other Reddit commentators warned the person that a hornet nest that appears empty may not always be dormant, but rather filled with hibernating hornets ready to emerge with the warm weather.

Sting in the tail: Hornets' stings are even more painful than wasps', thanks to their potent venom

Sting in the tail: Hornets’ stings are even more painful than wasps’, thanks to their potent venom

‘I knew someone that took a large hornet nest inside their house as decor. They found it in winter. A few days of being in the warm air they woke up. Needless to say what followed wasn’t fun for anyone,’ TheCunning1 wrote.

According to a follow-up post by CountBubs, someone has already offered to buy the sculpture-nest as an art sculpture.

Hornets are the largest type of wasp and can reach more than two inches long.

Hornet stings are even more painful than regular wasp stings because of their potent venom, and unlike bees they can sting multiple times without dying after because their stingers aren’t barbed and don’t get pulled out of their bodies.

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nottingham, United Kingdom,

6 days ago




1 week ago

Its Cpt. Keyes (Halo)!


Melbourne Australia, Australia,

1 week ago




1 week ago

I’d scream if I went in my shed and saw that.


Grimsby, United Kingdom,

1 week ago

Bee Haunted !

bog off,

bog off,

1 week ago

Wow that looks scary! But is this a wasp or a hornet nest? I’ve had hornets in my room at work and generally they don’t behave like wasps – they keep themselves to themselves and don’t try and fly in your ear. That said, I’d certainly want to avoid disturbing a hornet’s nest! As for wasps – nasty little b*gg*rs.


Newcastle, United Kingdom,

1 week ago

I was stung by a hornet in zante about 6 years ago and the pain was unbearable it stung my hand then my foot so double the pain. Both of them swollen and I could hardly walk for two days when I got home a week later I discovered that the sting wat still in my foot the hospital had to remove it


Mississauga, Canada,

1 week ago

The Scream, Edward Munch was never meant for z Bee list ?!

Horn of Ammon,

Washington DC, United States,

1 week ago

Reminds me of something from that bad Nicholas Cage movie, the Wicker Man. “Noooo! Not the bees!”


Scotland, United Kingdom,

1 week ago

Do yourself a favour and watch the original Wicker Man. The Nicholas Cage remake was awful!


GLA, United Kingdom,

1 week ago

If I enter my shed to find this, I might not make it out alive!

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