Map: Where Are Boston’s Rats? –

“I really love data,” Hadley explained to in an e-mail. “…I was looking to see how [Somerville’s] rodent trends compare to Boston’s (they are quite similar) and it only took a few extra clicks to put the data on a map.”


Greater Boston:


Back Bay:

The maps may not reflect every rat spotting in the city, only those reported to city hall.

As Redditor BostonUrbEx observed: “I find it really interesting that there’s more reports in Beacon Hill than Chinatown. It makes me wonder if it is a larger problem, or the people in Beacon Hill are just much more likely to raise hell and know the channels in which they can do so.”

[h/t Reddit]

Map: Where Are Boston’s Rats? –
rats – Google News
Google News

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