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Harrier Pest Control provide a full range of pest control services across the whole of the North West of England so whatever your problem or concern call us for a chat or to tailor a solution to your particular circumstances.

Ninety-nine percent of pest control work is usually straight forward but every now and then an unusual situation arises so in addition to normal pest control services Harrier Pest Control offers the following additional services. If you don’t see what you are looking for give us a call to discuss your precise requirement.

1)    House Clearance. Clearance of buildings or houses where infestation may or may not be present. Harrier Pest Control will survey the property free of charge and then give you a fixed quotation for the work to the standard agreed. This will include disposal of the waste at an approved site and proof of proper disposal will be provided to satisfy your duty of care.

2)    Hotel & Guesthouse inspections for bed bugs. Harrier Pest Control  will inspect and place bed bug monitors in each of your bedrooms and providing bed bugs are not present we will give you a certificate that none were found. Naturally this does not prevent you from a bed bug infestation but if you are unfortunate enough to find a bed bug infestation between yearly inspections then we will give you a 25% discount on the treatment.

3)    Landlord inspections. Harrier Pest Control will survey your property and/or carry out precautionary treatment prior to new tenants moving in so that any responsibility for infestation i.e. bed bugs which subsequently arises can clearly be shown to be that of the tenants.

Bird Droppings Cleared

Bird Droppings Cleared

4)    Bird Waste Removal. Clearing and cleaning of accumulated bird waste is a specialist discipline as bird droppings are associated with a number of zoonotic diseases which can affect those handling the waste and bird waste itself is classed as special waste by many authorities and has to be transported and disposed of accordingly. Harrier Pest Control will provide a free survey and quotation as part of our advice of all options available to you.

5)   Insect identification. Harrier Pest Control  will identify any pest insect for you.  Please take a high quality digital photograph and email it to us.  Then please phone us so that we can look out for it. Make sure to put your phone number on the email. In most cases we will be able to identify the insect for you and advise you if treatment is necessary. We make no charge for this service. On rare occasions a laboratory identification will be needed and this will require an actual sample of the insect and a fee of £60 which will be deducted from the cost of any subsequent work we may do for you.

6)    Biting insect surveys. Occasionally people find that that they are being bitten but cannot find the culprit. No treatment is possible unless a cause can be found. There are many insects which can cause bite-like reactions ranging from bed bugs, fleas, mosquitoes and even some beetles. Harrier Pest Control will carry out an inspection of your home which may or may not involve the use of monitors or test equipment, if necessary. Fees for this service range from £75 – £125 for a normal sized property and again should we go on to carry out a treatment this fee will be deducted from the final bill.


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