• Hannah Bull, 28, found the wasp in the £2 ready-to-eat salad bag
  • She is ‘terrified’ of what could have happened if the insect had stung her
  • Tesco is investigating but has refunded the item and given her a £5 coupon
  • Mrs Bull has said she will never buy salads from the supermarket again
  • She has since given birth to a healthy baby girl, called Gracie

Sam Creighton

13:29 EST, 22 March 2014


15:34 EST, 22 March 2014

The live wasp was found in the £2 salad bag bought at a store in Hove, East Sussex

The live wasp was found in the £2 salad bag bought at a store in Hove, East Sussex

A heavily pregnant woman with a wasp allergy feared for the safety of her unborn child after finding one of the insects in her ready-to-eat Tesco salad.

Hannah Bull, 28, who gave birth at 4am this morning to a healthy baby girl called Gracie, was halfway through the £2 ‘Bright Salad Bowl’ when she spotted the insect lurking in the leaves.

The mother, who was 39-weeks pregnant when she was eating the salad on Wednesday, was ‘terrified’ at the thought of what damage a sting could do to her and her baby.

When Mrs Bull was previously bitten on the hand by a wasp, her fingers swelled and she developed a rash all over her body that lasted for several days.

Her husband, Ben Bull, 29, believes his wife’s throat would have swelled up, making  it difficult to breathe, if she been stung while swallowing the stray insect.

He said: ‘A snail or slug I can live with, but for something than can actually cause damage to be in a salad is terrifying.

‘It could swell your throat closed and become hard to breath. I wouldn’t want that for anyone, especially a pregnant woman or kids.

‘This wasp had a wing and legs missing. Hannah jumped up, felt physically sick, and almost gave birth.

‘Had she been stung, it could have harmed her and our baby.’

The couple, who both work as customer service advisers at an insurance firm, bought the salad from a store near their home in Brighton, Sussex, two days before the incident.

They said the wasp initially appeared to be dead but suddenly came back to life.

During the incident, Mrs Bull tweeted: ‘I just went to show my husband the salad wasp and it’s only just come alive!!!! That makes it sooo much worse!!’

Hannah Bull, pictured with husband Ben, was heavily pregnant when eating the salad but has since given birth

Hannah Bull, pictured with husband Ben, was heavily pregnant when eating the salad but has since given birth

After finding the insect, Ben phoned Tesco’s customer service helpline and an adviser asked them to bring in the salad for investigation.

Tesco offered to refund the item and give the couple a £5 voucher as a gesture of goodwill.

However, Mrs Bull posted on her Twitter account: ‘My pregnant stomach can’t handle things like this! I won’t be buying salads from tesco! #dissatisfiedcustomer’

And then again later, saying: ‘I don’t want an exchange! I don’t intend on buying fresh salads from yourself again! Washed and ready to eat it certainly isn’t!!’

A Tesco spokesperson said: ‘We set ourselves very high standards for the safety and quality of our food so we were concerned to hear of this incident.

‘We are currently investigating and will keep Mr Bull informed of our findings.

‘We have also offered him a gesture of goodwill for any inconvenience.’

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2 days ago

Bitten lol wasps sting!!!!


gloucester, United Kingdom,

2 days ago

never eat bagged salad without washing it and that is just to get the chemicals off.



2 days ago

£5… Is that it?!



2 days ago

This “story” is absurd and completely summarises our “out for whatever I can get” society. Disgusting!



2 days ago

Bitten?! Didn’t know wasps could bite! Is this really a news story? Talk about a drama over nothing! Why is everyone so fame hungry these days?



2 days ago

Yes – sorry to break it to you but salad comes from the big outdoors.

A child is for life not for benefits,

Sheffield UK,

2 days ago



Quality Street, United Kingdom,

2 days ago

seriously…? “terrified at what COULD have happened”?? meanwhile…back in the real world…


Victoria, Australia,

2 days ago

Because someone is allergic to wasps, bees or whatever doesn’t mean that person is never going to encounter them in the course of normal life. Please don’t be so ridiculous. Have a plan ready (ie Epipen) and get on with your life instead of laying blame at other people who have done nothing wrong here.


Lichfield, United Kingdom,

2 days ago

“The wasp had a wing and legs missing” – she should be prosecuted for discrimination against disabled wasps.

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