The nightmare of catching a squirrel in your home – Fort Worth Star Telegram (blog)

IMG_1369FORT WORTH, Texas – One of fiction’s most celebrated struggles is Captain Ahab catching and killing Moby Dick in the Pacific Ocean. Second to that is Captain Mac’s personal fight against squirrels in the attic.

This fight has cost lives, ruined a home, caused incalculable damage in the terms of stress, and the financial ramifactions will be felt for generations. Next to building contractors, the worst thing to a home is a squirrel. They are rats with nice outfits that show no mercy.

They will be defeated. 

After many years, and thousands spent, this little piece of garbage was finally trapped. Notice the fear and the resignation of total defeat in his eyes. He knew it was done.

Capturing this spawn of satan is one of the great accomplishments of mine, or any, lifetime. These little rats are exceptionally challenging to lure into these traps.

It took patience, cunning, courage and a few pieces of nuts and dry cereal.

The debate is to how to use this trapped beast as evidence to his friends, family and fellow terrorist squirrels that there will be no mercy. We don’t negotiate with squirrels.

I wanted to go midievil: Slice off its head, put it on a stick and place it outside of the hole these punks are using to destroy this home to send a message that this is how this home chooses to deal with squirrels.

Instead, I took the cage about 2 miles away from the house, and after much jostling finally opened it up to the squirrels’ delight. He took off running and was up a tree, plotting another plan to inflitrate an innocent home.

The war against the squirrels is not over. This is merely one chapter. There figures to be more lives caught, money spent, tears and bloodshed.


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The nightmare of catching a squirrel in your home – Fort Worth Star Telegram (blog)
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