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Urmston Pest Control is your local Pest Control Company supplying pest control throughout the whole range of unwanted pests in business and domestic properties in the Urmston area, so if you have a wasps’ nest, bed bugs, rats or mice, fleas, ants in the home or other pest, then you have found the best pest control team to cope with your pest problem, promptly, quietly and at a realistic charge.

For destroying wasps’ nests in the Urmston area we charge a set fee of £35.00 and that includes wasps’ nests dealt with at weekends or Bank Holidays, which we work.

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Urmston Wasps' Nest

Wasps Nest

We work 7 days per week between April and November. 

In the Urmston area  we now have a brand-new and fairly aggressive bumble bee, the Tree Bumblebee (Bombus hypnorum). Though we seek not to hurt bees, this variety is hazardous when nesting low down in a garden or on the body of your home. We do not generally want to eliminate bees however this bee is risky when nesting in the proximity of persons, particularly young children and pets. It is an easy bee to identify with its orange thorax and white backside and if you suspect that you might have a nest of these bees we recommend contacting us straight away. In the meantime keep away as this bee can and will sting. If you are unsure about identification then please visit our wasps and bees site.

If you are calling regarding a wasps’ nest in spring between April – July please visit our Seasonal Chart Page to ensure that you actually do have a wasps’ nest, not harmless solitary bees. This may save you a callout charge.

We do all we can to support bees wherever possible and we ourselves now keep honey bees and are able to supply small amounts of honey.  Please visit our Harrier Honey dedicated web page for further information.

For broad information of any individual pest please pick from the list in the header or the right sidebar or give us a call on the phone numbers on the right, we answer our phones 9.00am – 8.00pm 7 days per week.

Many unwanted pests are mis-identified by people, if you have got any doubt regarding the bug you are seeing, take a reasonable digital picture of it and email it to us. We will tell you what it is and what measures will need to be taken, if any. Please don’t forget to put your phone number in the email so we can phone you.

The menus of the various pests will all display photographs but please do not hesitate to phone us if you are not sure, we do not charge for telephone information.

We work all over the greater part of the region but there are one or two more far flung districts that we do not deal with so remember to use the postcode area checker on this page before contacting us Through the whole of our area Urmston Pest Control have got a preset rate of £35.00 to treat a wasps nest.For any other pest we may perhaps be able to give you an estimate of price over the telephone or we may perhaps need to visit you to make a site review.

Urmston Bed Bug Bites

Bed Bug Bites

We at Urmston Pest Control respect the responsible use of pesticides and will only use them when absolutely essential, specially outside of the house, and they will always be the most appropriate ones for the task.

We will always advise on how to keep children, family pets and personnel protected. All works will be undertaken in accordance with the Health & Safety Act 1974, the COSHH Regulations 1988, the Food & Environmental Act 1985 and Control of Pesticides 1986.

Our founder is the resident pest control specialist for Radio Lancashire, hear him talking about bed bugs and other pests on a recent broadcast by clicking on the link in the right sidebar.

Most common infestations

Urmston Wasps Nest

We don’t usually need ladders


Our fee for destroying wasps’ nests is fixed at £35 and we will definitely not ask you for extra unless access apparatus such as scaffolding or a cherry-picker is necessary to gain access to the nest. Please note that operating at height legislation is very restrictive these days so please advise us if the nest is any higher than the guttering of a typical household premises.

The only exception is in the case of a late season wasps’ nest, where a supplementary treatment to your loft space may be required.

We try and deal with wasps’ nests from the outside of the property whenever possible and we have a preference for to use extended lances in place of ladders, it’s much safer for all concerned.

Also, and more importantly do NOT attempt to close or block the nest entrance with mastic or mortar etc., you’ll drive the wasps into the house and when we arrive we need the entrance to be open so as to perform the treatment.

If you call us out to a nest where you have sealed the entrance we will charge you extra for the additional time it takes us to deal with the nest. On occasions when an entrance has been sealed or where you have attempted to deal with the nest yourself we reserve the right to charge you a call out fee without carrying out the treatment or to attempt the work with no guarantee given.

Our operative will arrive by appointment, inject a little bit of powdered wasp killer into the entry to the wasps’ nest and the returning wasps will bring it into the centre of the nest and inside of an hour every one of the wasps will be dead.

Destroying A Urmston Wasps Nest

Destroying A Wasps Nest

Providing we can reach the wasps’ nest from the outside of the property you do not even have got to wait in. Our specialist wasp control website offers a PayPal button for you to use. We will then get rid of the nest while you are out, but make sure you phone us to tell us that you have paid and keep open any gates we might need to go through.

If there are any problems which you are aware of that may hinder the treatment such as the presence of bats then please inform us of that over the phone.

Bed bugs

Bed Bugs are rampant in the Urmston Pest Control area of business and numerous specialists feel that the Olympic Games will result in an increase in these disgusting infestations over the next few years.

There is a huge amount of misunderstanding between bed bugs and dust mites. In contrast to dust mites which are quite benign, bed bugs are not present in every bed but only in the beds of people unlucky enough to become infested.

Bed bugs in Urmston

Bed bugs

Bed bugs are very easily spotted and resemble an apple pip, especially when completely grown and recently fed. They’re not signs of bad sanitation, all they need to have is a blood feed every week or so – your blood!

You can transport bed bugs to your residence just by staying in an infested hotel room or even by sitting next to the wrong person on the train.

It only takes a single female to swiftly develop an infestation in your property and they disperse like wildfire through connected premises, semi-detached and terraced etc. If the infestation is very bad you can acquire 4-600 bites per night and become really quite ill.

These pesky bugs are not a pest that can be dealt with by an inexperienced, you will want specialist help or you will make matters worse. If you even suspect that you might possibly have bed bugs then talk to Urmston Pest Control.

Many people immediately go out and purchase new beds or mattresses, this truly is a waste of time and cash as the new bed will be immediately infested by bugs from everywhere else in the room.

Ant Infestations in Urmston

Ant Infestations


People who have an ant infestation on the inside of their properties will recognize just how dreadful it can be, chiefly when the flying ants present themselves.

Pest control innovation has developed in leaps and bounds over the last year or two and Urmston Pest Control now have got the methods to overcome ant infestations inside the house, and in most situations give a 3 year warranty on the work.

The treatment is very straightforward, produces no mess and is safe for everyone involved.

Why spend cash and struggle for years with powders and remedies which do not work when we can overcome the problem and give you a warranty, renewable in 3 year stages.

Fleas In Urmston



Cat Fleas and Dog Fleas are becoming more troublesome in the Urmston Pest Control area and we are getting more and more calls from people who continuously treat their dogs and cats and yet are still suffering flea infestations in their houses.

This presents itself to be because populations of cat fleas and dog fleas in the Urmston Pest Control area of operation are proving to be resistant to the active ingredients in the flea control products and solutions sold to the general public.

We are finding that dog fleas and cat fleas are especially troublesome in places with town foxes.

It is vital to deal with a cat flea or a dog flea problem as they can result in serious problems, particularly for toddlers as they can carry and transmit tapeworms.

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