Wasps Nest name rejected for Mirfield street – BBC News

The Wasps Nest PubMirfield leaders are debating the name of a new housing development built on the site of The Wasps Nest pub

Plans to name a street after a former pub called The Wasps Nest have been rejected – because it throws up images of “stinging and danger”.

Kirklees Council asked residents to name a new housing estate on Nab Lane in Mirfield.

Community leaders wanted to name the site after the pub to reflect the area’s history.

But the authority and developers rejected the idea as “not commercially viable”.

Mirfield councillor Kath Taylor said: “There’s so many developers these days that just want to put their names to sweet sounding developments but I think it’s nice to keep a little bit of history.

“It’s much more pertinent to keep a local name and be a little bit individual.”

The new street would be the location for 12 homes after the closed-down pub is demolished.

Chairman of Mirfield History group David Pinder said the piece of land goes back to the Luddite rebellion in the 19th Century.

He said: “It was actually a name given to a row of cottages where the residents were seen as somewhat radical.

“I just think it’s wrong to lose local history.”

Kirklees Council said despite receiving several requests for the Wasps Nest name, they and the housing developers had decided against it.

It said: “The council feels such a name conjures up mental connotations of stinging and danger and would much prefer to find a name that has nothing to do with any sort of insect.”

Wasps Nest name rejected for Mirfield street – BBC News
wasps nest – Google News
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